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The Fukuoka Interpreters' Association (FIA) celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020. This association was established in 1980 by 84 language volunteers who participated in the 1979 Conference of the US-Japan Mayors and Presidents of Chambers of Commerce in Fukuoka.

FIA provides quality interpretation and translation. We are a nonprofit organization and our members are willing to conduct volunteer activities free of charge, and also accept jobs at reasonable fees for companies and government offices. 

Interpreters and translators in various languages are available, including English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


​Exam for Membership 2022

Exam for Membership 2022

Interpreters interested to join FIA are welcome to apply.

We will hold the exam for becoming a new FIA member as follows:

Date: November 20, 2022 (Sunday) 
Application Period: July 1 to September 30
Venue: Fukuoka City International Center
Application to:

Payment of Membership Application
Transfer 3,000 yen (for the examination fee) to the FIA bank account:
Fukuoka Bank Head Office, Saving Account No. 1338517

Submit the required documents listed below by email to the FIA Office of Admissions
1. Resume (please also attach a photo)
2. A copy of certificate(s) of language

3. Receipt for the bank transfer

Application for Membership

A qualifying examination is held annually.
A list of admission requirements, examination date and time are available at FIA Office of Admissions. 

Application forms should be submitted to the secretariat. A qualifying examination consists of consecutive interpretation test and interview. The examination fee is 3,000 yen and the enrollment fee is 5,000 yen.

Qualifications: English language applicants must meet one or more of the requirements listed below. Necessary qualifications in other languages are equivalent to those of English language.

-English Proficiency Test( STEP ) 1st grade
-TOEFL595 points or above
- Conference Interpreter Licensing Exam 2nd grade or above
-UN English Proficiency Test A grade or above
-TOEIC 860 points or above
-Licensed Guide Test Granted

please make contact with the following email address to send necessary documents:
FIA Office of Admissions


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FIA's Activities

The main purpose of FIA is to promote mutual friendship among its members, improve our individual skill, and contribute to international goodwill by using our language skill and expertise.

FIA conducts the following activities.

(1) Actively supporting and participating in international events hosted by the local 

(2) Holding lectures and training sessions to foster international awareness of the local community and improvement of the members' abilities

(3) Other activities supportive of the 
association's purpose

Providing interpreters and translators is the FIA's major activity. We select the best member(s) for each client's request, 
depending on private enterprises or 
government offices.

Here are excerpt of our practice in the past. 

- Interpreting at a seminar for a medical treatment apparatus (private firm)
- Interpreting for a preparatory meeting of the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
- Interpreting for the 12th Asian Athletic Championships, Fukuoka 98 (Fukuoka City)
- Interpreting for legal counseling (Fukuoka International Association)
- Guiding in Fukuoka/Nagasaki (Fukuoka International Association)
- Interpreting at a seminar on Asian investment in Japan (JETRO Fukuoka)
 -Interpreting at a group discussion (Boy Scouts)
- Translation of a guidebook for the Kyushu Okinawa Summit Meeting (private firm)
- Interpreting for the Beppu Oita International Marathon (broadcasting corporation)
- Interpreting and guiding for media people (Fukuoka City)
- Escort interpreting for the Asia Open Junior Tennis Championships
- Translation for internet exchange (municipal elementary school)
- Interpreting at the secretariat for the World Geothermal Congress 2000 (private firm)
- Interpreting for wine sales meetings (foreign consulate)
- Escort interpreting for the Asian-Pacific Men's Volleyball Tournament
- Translation of a leaflet on garbage collection (private firm)
- Interpreting for investigation (public prosecutors office)
- Interpreting at symposia for the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention
- Interpreting at lecture meetings
-Interpreting for media coverage (broadcasting corporation)
- Interpreting for business meetings (foreign consulate)
- Translation of home pages (private firm)
- Interpreting for the Fukuoka International Womenユs Judo Championships (broadcasting corporation)
- Interpreting for local government counseling services in English, Chinese and Korean (Higashi Ward Office)

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FIA's  Members

FIA's Members

FIA consists of both individual members and corporate members. Individual members are those who share the FIA's goal and possess necessary language abilities. Corporate members are those who are also willing to offer financial support for the FIA's activities.

The annual membership due for an individual member is 5,000 yen; the annual due for corporate members is 30,000 yen.

Newly-enrolled individual members should also submit a one-time enrollment fee of 5,000 yen. In addition, individual applicants must meet the FIA's self-imposed language qualification standards.


1)FIA Membership Statistics
(as of June 2011)

Individual members
64 (total) 

2) Languages Covered by FIA members (as of June 2011)

English 44
German 3
Chinese 7
French 1
Korean 5
Spanish 2
Portuguese 1
Italian 1

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​How to Request for Work

- For Our Clients -

How to Request for Work

Please contact one of the FIA officers listed below to inform us of the prospective client's name and telephone number. Please tell us about other specifics as well, including the scheduled date and time, the nature of the work, necessary language, the number of interpreters or translators necessary, and the proposed fee for making initial arrangements.

FIA Office

E mail:

Phone: 080-4286-1980 

After selecting the most appropriate person for the job, FIA office will respond immediately for further arrangements. FIA can usually meet requests for services in such languages as English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

FIA members are willing to provide service at reasonable fees. Suggested fees are provided below for your reference. Please note that they are different depending on the nature of the job.

List of Suggested Fees

Interpreting Fee:
32,000 JPY and above per day (8 hours), and 16,000 JPY per half day (1 to 4 hours)

Translating Fee:
Japanese to Foreign language: JPY15/Word (Minimum Fee: JPY3000)
Foreign language to Japanese: JPY15/Word (Minimum Fee: JPY3000)

FIA also accepts volunteer activities free of charge by the request of government offices and volunteer organizations. Clients are kindly requested to cover the volunteers' actual expenses, such as transportation expenses. It will be of great help to provide as much pertinent information as possible for FIA members to ensure their best performance. Your cooperation in these matters will be highly appreciated.